Kelsie Nick

Veni, vidi, vici.- My 10 Day Trip to Italy.

First two days of my 10 Day Italy Trip!
When I first visited Italy in 2011 while living in Spain, Italy has always had my heart. From the pizza to the piazza, Italy is brims with culture. The people are full of heart, welcoming you with open arms and wine bottles. I knew from then I would be coming back- and Niche Italy was the perfect host to reunite me with this wonderful country.

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Top 10 Body positive creators to follow

What we now consider Body Positivity would not exist without the Fat Acceptance movement which was created by and for fat, black, queer, trans and disabled folks— not as a tool for fat white women exclusively and certainly not as a space for socially acceptable, white bodies to be centered— and it is my responsibility to redirect your attention to incredible black, body positive creators.

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