Top 10 Body positive creators to follow

It’s a forgotten fact that the body positive movement started in the 1960s with the Fat Acceptance movement. The Fat Liberation movement (or Fat Acceptance movement) started in the late 1960’s as a way to end political and social discrimination to those in marginalized body types.

What we now consider Body Positivity would not exist without the Fat Acceptance movement which was created by and for fat, black, queer, trans and disabled folks— not as a tool for fat white women exclusively and certainly not as a space for socially acceptable, white bodies to be centered— and it is my responsibility to redirect your attention to incredible black, body positive creators.

  1. Mariedenee– Creator & Editor-in-Chief of The Curvy Fashionista! She is one of the founding members of the body positive moment, gathering thousands of resources on TCF website for the plus size community, consulting with brands and continuously pushing for change in the fashion world.

2. Stephanieyeboah– Across the Atlantic is Stephanie Yeboah, a plus-size style blogger, fat acceptance advocate, freelance writer, public speaker, podcaster and author. This year, she has debuted her first novel Fattily Ever After (available for pre-order) which is a blunt, touching, insightful memoir of life as a plus size Black women. She constantly provides honest advice, and tips into the plus size community and as a Black content creator. I love following her for unapologetic post that provide groundbreaking moments such as “You don’t owe anyone Femininity!” and exploring how fat women have been taught to be hyper femme to over compensate for being fat.

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3. Aspencristi– While Aspen has made waves showing off her amazing vibes and style, she has an extensive list of Black Lives Matter resources on her instagram that I love directing other white allies to. Be sure to click on the link tree in her bio while checking out her fabulous outfits to help support her and other black creators.

4. Unapologeticallydeee– This midwestern curvy gal has helped launch clothing lines, uploads hilarious reviews of companies, and is the creator of chicagocurvycollective, a page that highlights all things curvy in Chicago!

5. Essiegolden– Since launching her career, Essie has become a sought after plus-size model, body positive
advocate, blogger and trusted voice within the plus-size community. She is the co-founder of #GoldenConfidence, which inspires others to be confident in what they wear no matter what!

6. Missalexlarosa– One of the OG plus size models- Alex LaRosa has launched some of the most infamous campaigns such as Ashley Stewart, Target’s Ava&Viv, Premme, Modcloth, and so many more. She is a constant voice of inspiring confidence, and self love, creating #visiblyplussize to showcase what plus size fashion looks like!

7. Froplusfashion– Shamika is a plus size style and natural hair content creator who loves styling affordable ready to wear fashions. She’s offers amazing styling tips for natural hair, and ways to elevate any piece in your closet.

8. Simonemariposa– Simone made it as one of my favorites when she started her IG Live series of letting any male request to go live with her- and moments happen. From teachable moments, to downright chaos at times- the IG series always kept me on my toes. She uses her hilariously bold voice to offer insight into the plus size community and show off her fashion with a twist style.

9. Flufflyyours– Ebbi Nicole is my hometown of STL leader of plus size movement. She created the first #curvesnwavespoolparty plus size pool party with fluffygrlmovement and has grown into a powerhouse brand in STL. During this pandemic- she has created an IGTV live series, Bod-TEA, where other plus size creators can share their experiences with fashion, love, tv, movies, and more. She has flourished and grown so much specializing in Edutainment- it is truly a joy to follow her!

10. Gabifresh– Gabi is THE OG of the plus size movement. Starting over 10 years ago on Livejournal and evolving to a full time career of Plus Size fashion design, Gabi proclaimed that bikinis, mini skirts, and crop tops aren’t just for skinny shoppers; people of all sizes should be able to participate in fashion. She has designed with companies such as Target, Swimsuitsforall, and created her own plus size lingerie line Playful Promises.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list- let me know who your favorite Black Body Positive creators are by dropping a comment below!

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