My 30th birthday is this upcoming weekend (Gemini babies unite!) and I’ve been struggling on how to celebrate when everything seems so heavy. I want to have fun in a healthy and safe way- so what does that exactly look like?

Everyone has been hit hard by this pandemic in vastly different ways- so I’ve included some thoughts on non-monetary and monetary ways to celebrate!


  • Support my page! That means liking my posts, leaving a comment on a picture, sharing my page or blog post with your friends, inviting others to like my facebook page, writing a review, clicking on an ad on my website , or join my mailing list! All these things cost $0 but mean the world to me and makes SUCH a difference! It brings attention to my website so I can keep creating things for you!
How to invite friends to like my page! It’s right next to the share button! Click on invite friends- and select all. It helps so much!
  • Leave a video message! While we are #alonetogether during this pandemic, checking in on your friends/ family is so important. Zooming constantly with a large group can be extremely fatiguing, so leave me a video message instead! It lasts forever and I can play it whenever they want!
  • Give a punny card! I am a sucker for Dad jokes and punny one liners- PLEASE send it to me. I would love to see your artwork!
  • Make a playlist! I had a friend make me a playlist for a VERY important event- and I still listen to it today. This version of a mixtape is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! I’m going to keep it forever!
  • Share your favorite book/album/ movie! Knowing what art has made an impact on your life is such a joy. I love when people share what they’re passionate about- seeing the joy in their eyes is one of my favorite moments.

Monetary ways

  • Make an Amazon Wishlist! My family always asks a month in advance what I want, because they know how particular I can be about gifts. Luckily, I can make a list from a far and share it with everyone! Click here to see!
  • Send Decorations! Even if I can’t go out- you can still make my space special and festive! It can be balloons, flowers, or a fabulous table cloth. I LOVE birthday decor and am so excited to decorate for my special day!
  • Venmo for a birthday treat! Whether it’s venmo, paypal, or cashapp– it doesn’t have to be a large amount but its a placeholder for when we can reunited again and share in celebrations! My favorite amounts are my birthdate ($5.31), the year I was born ($19.90) or my favorite number ($8.00).
  • Give the gift of Self Care! During the quarantine self care and comfort has been my number one priority. That means facemasks, at home mani/pedis, candles, and lots of leggings to lounge in.

  • Deliver my favorite food or drink! If giving money seems too impersonal- having my favorite food or drink delivered is the yummiest treat. With Postmates, Doordash, or Drizly– which delivers ANY drink straight to your door, its so easy to treat them!

No matter how you celebrate-even though you can’t be there physically- your spirit and well wishes mean just as much as your health! So stay safe, wash your hands, and the we can celebrate even bigger next year.

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Bold Haired, plus size Saint Louisian with a vested interest to advocate for diversity and inclusion

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