🗣Let’s talk about FaceTune. .
🤔 If you don’t know what that is- it’s an app that’s abused left and right on this platform. It has tools to make you skinnier, longer, change the shape of your face/eyes/nose. AND ITS TOTALLY TOXIC. .
👀It’s easily accessible that anyone (even kids) can use it and its all over instagram. It’s leads to so much body dysmorphia, feeding into the “perfect” image- smoothing over any REAL features. So you present this completely altered image of yourself- and get all the likes and complements. .
😳I’m going to be completely transparent and honest- I used to use it! At my skinniest- I would alter my waist to make it even skinnier! I would feed into all the compliments- and then feel guilty and ashamed that it wasn’t real. I thought getting likes would help- but it only fueled my body dysmorphia and anxiety. Once I realized that it was so toxic- I quit. But still there are times when anxiety is high that the temptation to make me look “picture perfect” creeps in. .
✅ That’s when I have to check myself and know I’m ALWAYS picture perfect. And so are you. .
So here my request- please STOP ✋ and let us see the real you. My make up free filter free selfie is in my stories. .
↖️ go check it out! And tag me in all your selfies! 📸 .
Photographer: @paige_butler_

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Bold Haired, plus size Saint Louisian with a vested interest to advocate for diversity and inclusion

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