Scariest Truth

If you don’t face your irrational fears- you allow them to control you. .

You have to speak your scariest truth to be set free. As someone who battles with GAD ( general anxiety disorder)- this is not a simple task. It takes 1000 moments to think through all the scenarios that could possibly happen if I said and did exactly what I wanted. So after careful considering and planning for worst cases- I made moves. .

I took a huge leap and moved to California. I spoke out into the universe that I want to be a writer in plus size fashion- highlighting causes that are important to me such as Body inclusive Fashion, Intersectional feminism, Mental health and Self Loving Philosophy.

I’m not from a creative background. This learning curve has been very steep. But I’m incredibly enriched to be working towards something that I’m passionate about. To tell a message to others that I believe is important.

I don’t see a lot of people who look like me in the fashion world. And when I do- I make sure to pay attention. We are bombarded by images everyday- and it effects your psyche. Diverse Representation in media MATTERS. Seeing bodies like mine, with hair like mine, with skin like mine- matters. And until it becomes the norm- I will continually fight for myself- and you.

Photographer: @shannon_k_dougherty

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Bold Haired, plus size Saint Louisian with a vested interest to advocate for diversity and inclusion

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