🐶Going mutts for these adorable prints from @tomboyx! They have a new collection out featuring your fur-ever friends. .
🐕Benny was the paw-sively the best model I’ve ever worked with! He’s an emotional support animal which means when his friend gets too anxious- he there to help support them through it! ESA’s help combat mutilple mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, bi polar, and many more by helping refocus that energy into different paths. .
🐾I was so happy to work @tomboyx56 for this campaign. For this feature, they’ll be releasing their new cat and dog prints as a praise to all our furry-friends’ parents. I know, any day of the week, you’d rather be at home, curled up on the couch with a big ball of fluff on your lap. Rockin’ these prints is like rockin’ a badge of honor that says you’re a pet parent, and proud of it. .

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