Traveling Fat Lady

One of the constant fears and anxieties I hear from other plus size individuals is traveling. From uncomfortable airplane seats, walking miles with chub rub, being worried equipment for fun adventures aren’t going to fit you, to the rude stares that happen ALL THE TIME, traveling while fat can be incredibly stressful on top of a trying uncomfortable new environment.

Here’s some insights I learned while traveling-

  1. Eat what you want- when you want. Being plus size- there is ALWAYS a comment made about what I’m eating. Whether its “oh wow thats a lot of food.” or “Oh you’re eating salad?” I’ve had to silence those voices and listen to my body and mind. I’ll eat appetizers, main, and dessert if I feel like it Susan. And it’s going to be fucking delicious.

  2. The bigger you are- the more uncomfortable public transport is. – I’m a size 14/16 so I fit into the average American accommodation- but other countries (especially Asian/ European ones) often have much smaller fits. For me- its worth the extra room to pay a bit more to know I’m comfy- but if thats not in your budget, fat is squishy and moldable. Your seatmate is going to be fine. Fuck anyone who feels the need to say anything to you.

    Some other tips from other plus size bloggers about flying- ask for a seat extender, make bff with the gate attendant and ask to pre board, or a hold on the seat next to yours, sitting by window seat adds a little more room, and general life hack- most arm rest have a notch you can push in so you can just lift it up and be comfortable.

    Also Southwest has a “Customer of SIze” policy which means you can buy two seats- and after your flight you get refunded! You just have to call them with your confirmation number, flight number and tell them you bought your ticket under the “Customer of Size” policy and you get refunded!

  3. Chub rub is so real– Chub rub, chafing, and wear and tear on clothes from activities WILL happen. I highly suggest investing in body glide stick (or men’s deodorant) and using that on those luscious thighs. Also iron on denim patches have saved my life (and my favorite pair of jeans)

  4. Instagramable activities are photo worthy- just not always perfect.– Look I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, ziplining, rock climbing, running, and more (SHOCKING I know). I have learned that while it may not be picture perfect- It is always picture worthy. Those sweat (and in my case tears) are moments you want to capture. Don’t let instagram complex have you miss out on proud moments.

  5. People will stare– It’s inevitable. People will always be rude. In some countries- fatness is revered (Shout out to Indonesia, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia!) but in most it is shamed and judged.

    Repeat after me: That is their problem. Do not let other peoples fat phobic insecurities get in your way of having a good time.

    You are a badass.

    You deserve to take up space.

    You are worthy.

    You can do whatever the fuck you want. So go kick some ass.

Photographer: Chloe C

Outfits: Asos

Bikini ( Top 38DD Bottom Size 14)

Maxi Two Piece (Size 14)


Shorts (Size 1xl)


Dress (XL)

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Bold Haired, plus size Saint Louisian with a vested interest to advocate for diversity and inclusion

3 thoughts on “Traveling Fat Lady

  1. You brave soul and my inspiration. The fat shame is real (currently in Italy and I live in Australia!) I can’t wait to follow in your footsteps and just embrace it. Thanks to a hormonal condition my once was 45kg body has blown out to 100kgs in a short time so I’ve been very ashamed. Not now! Love your post!!!!!


    1. You’re so sweet! I’m so glad I could inspire you too feel amazing about your body too!! I know others can judge and be harsh- but the only opinion about your body that matters is yours! I’m so happy I could help!


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